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What is a phone word?

A phone word is simply the alphanumeric translation of a phone number.  For example, when you dial the phone word 1300 FLIGHT, you are actually dialing 1300 354448. Customers remember your phone word, then they key it in using the corresponding number keys on their telephone keypad.

How much does a phone word cost?

Costs of phone words vary depending on the specific phone word chosen.  For a quote, please contact our Sales Team on 1300 GROWTH.

What is the best way to advertise a phone word?

Effective marketing of your phone word is the result of exposing your target audience to your phone word as often and in as many ways as possible.  To achieve maximum impact of your new phone word, we recommend to display it every where you currently display your old phone number.

1300 Australia have a customer support team dedicated to providing ongoing marketing support for the life of your phone word. 1300 Australia are also able to provide free advertising opportunities.

How can a phone word help my business?

Phone words are a cost effective solution for advertising and marketing budgets and are suitable for small, medium and large businesses.  Thousands of Australian businesses are now using phone words to ensure better advertising recall.

What are prefixes?

Common prefixes used at the beginning of a phone word in Australia are 13 numbers, 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers.


What are the differences between 1300 numbers, 13 numbers and 1800 numbers?

13 and 1300 numbers are two types of phone words which are very similar in call charges. If Telstra are your preferred service provider, customers pay a low untimed charge (more from mobiles).

Please check with your service provider for call related charges and costs. The major differences between 1300 numbers and 13 numbers are the setup costs with 13 numbers being more expensive to setup. 1800 numbers are “free call” numbers where the customer does not have to pay anything to make the call.

The cost of the call is paid by the service owner, and local call rates are charged for the first 10 minutes.

What is Over Dial?

When dialing a phone word with more than 6 digits after the prefix the call connects automatically regardless of dialing the extra digits. This is known as over dial, and extra digits are discarded when the caller dials your phone word.

How many letters can I have in a phone word?

1300 numbers and 1800 numbers require a minimum of 6 digits and preferably no more than 10 after the prefix when forming a phone word. 13 numbers need a minimum of 4 after the prefix and no more than 8 when forming a phone word.

What happens with my existing number?

To use your phone word, you don’t need to connect any new telephone lines, you can simply use your existing number.  Calls to your phone word will be set up to be automatically directed to your existing inbound number.  This means you will not lose any calls if your customers dial your existing phone number, only increase them with the new phone word.

Does my business need a phone word?

Almost every business can benefit from a phone word.  Even businesses that don’t sell over the phone can increase the effectiveness of their marketing, and strengthen their brand.

How do I dial a phone word?

To dial 1300 FLIGHT, you dial the numbers 1  3  0  0 followed by the keys with the corresponding letters F  L  I  G  H  T on them.

1  3  0  0   F  L  I  G  H  T
1  3  0  0   3  5  4  4  4  8

Will customers know how to dial a phone word?

Yes. Recent research conducted by Roy Morgan in 2014 indicated that 93% of Australian’s are aware of phone words.

How do I dial a phone word from a Blackberry?

Phone words can be dialed using a blackberry.  Simply, enter the phone word prefix 13,1300 or 1800 number then hold down the ALT key and type the phone word.  Holding the ALT key will convert the number into the required letter.

How do I get more information about phone words?

To find out more about phone words give us a call and speak with our friendly Sales Team who can confirm whether a particular phone word is available.  Our consultants can also help you choose the right phone word for your business.  Monday to Friday : 8.30 to 5.00pm AEST.  Call 1300 GROWTH or why not search for your phone word?