Best Staff Uniform Designs

Use your UniformsTo your Advantage

Staff uniforms are often viewed by many business owners as an extra cost to business.  They don’t see uniforms as a branding opportunity and often miss out on the potential promotion and advertising opportunities they present.  When you think about it, even a small business in the building industry with a team of 20 staff members would have all their uniforms visible to the public and many other building contractors for over 8 hours per day.  That’s over 160 hours of branding exposure per day, 800 hours per week and 40,000 hours per month!

For such a small cost (which you were probably going to spend anyway) you can get so much more out of your uniform advertising.

Some Top TipsFrom our clients

  • Always have your brand and phone word on the back – this is the most viewed section
  • Always have the brand in a bright bold colour – no blue on pale blue!
  • Silver on highly visible yellow works great