1300 Numbers


1300 numbers give a consistent point of contact, and saves on marketing costs by using the same number in many forms of advertising. 1300 Australia, Telstraโ€™s exclusive Phone Word partner, specialises in phone words with a 1300 number prefix.

  • 1300 numbers have ten digits, for example, 1300 287 872.
  • Customers can contact you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.
  • 1300 numbers are diverted to a land line or mobile number.
  • With a 1300 number your customers can contact you for a low untimed charge.
  • Calls for mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

1300 Number costs

With 1300 Australia you can choose your 1300 number and an Inbound Service Plan to suit all business sizes. Call costs are the same no matterย 

if you are answering your calls on a fixed line or mobile phone. For more information see ourย Inbound Service Plans.ย 

If you have a larger call center, or call centers in multiple countries, speak to one of our consultants about a custom Inbound Service Plan to suit your needs.


  • As a single point of contact, nationwide which can direct your customers to their appropriate office or store location.
  • To monitor and measure response to marketing campaigns and improve your return on investment.
  • For reporting and managing inbound calls.
  • As help desk, call centre or priority customer lines.


  1. They have more functionality than traditional landlines, which means that they can be combined with other telecommunication services and provide a cost effective solution.
  2. 1300 numbers can provide insight into a companyโ€™s marketing and advertising performance.
  3. They have no hardware or equipment requirements.
  4. If you move, a 1300 number has more flexibility than a normal land line. You can take your 1300 number with you anywhere in Australia.ย 

1300 NUMBERSoffer:

  • 1300 numbers help to centralise your business.
  • Increase inbound sales calls.
  • Gives your business a professional image.
  • Enables your business to increase hours of operation and lead capture.
  • Measure and report easily on marketing and advertising performance.
  • Identify customer service issues.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Ensure potential business is never lost.

If you choose to go with 1300 Australia there are many 1300 number benefits for inbound features. 1300 Australia provides state of the art technology offering consistent feature capabilities which are robust, scalable, flexible, feature rich and network integrated. See the list of features on the right, or ask us for further information.

standard features availablefor your 1300 number


Free features include the provision of basic routing functionality.


Provide more complex features for geographic routing, disaster recovery plus business continuity.


For service management and reporting.


Integrated products with increase customers calling functionality.