13 numbers

1300 Australia is a leading 13 business number provider, helping you to choose your own 13 number and experience all the benefits of using a 13 number for your business.

Short and catchy numbers

Ideal for local marketing and sales campaigns, a 13 number gives you a 6-digit local call number that lets your customers call your business for a fixed charge from anywhere in the country​. It is ideal for medium to large businesses with high call volumes. 

Using a 13 number can help you grow your business in an affordable way by taking up a cost-effective 13 number plan.

If you take up a call plan with us, you can customise your 13 number features through a self-management portal.

What is a 13 number?

A 13 number is a 6-digit local call number; for example, 13 83 88.

Perfect for local marketing and sales campaigns

A 13 number is short and easy to remember if you want to drive phone-based leads.

Fixed charged calls from anywhere in Australia

13 numbers are a type of number where generally, the callers pay a low untimed charge (more from mobiles). Callers should check with their service provider for call related charges and costs.

For any business with high call volumes

Ideal if you are running marketing campaigns that drive phone leads, or have customers that need to call you frequently.

Add a call plan

For all our 13, 1300 and 1800 phone numbers, you can choose a Standard, Business or Premium call plan.

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