Phonewords Are 5x
More Memorable

Grow Your Business With More Calls.

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Want More Control Over Your Inbound Phone Setup?

1300 Australia can simplify your inbound phone services.
Even if you are adding more features. Yes. Really.

1. More Calls, More Sales

A PHONEWORD works as a consistent brand identity throughout multiple branding channels (advertisements) leading to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, sales opportunities and ultimately increased revenue

Phone Words Increase Customer Response Up To...

  • TV 5x
  • Radio 14x
  • Print media 6x
  • Billboard 4x
  • Word of Mouth 2x
1300 848627
1300 Redbear
1300 7332327
1800 Thumbup
1800 8486287
1300 932843
1800 784822

2. Memorable

In today’s fast paced life people just don’t have time – especially to try and remember your phone number. So, when you risk losing a sale because they can’t remember your number, there’s PhoneWords

  • Phonewords are 5.5x more memorable5.5x MORE MEMORABLE?Roy Morgan Research (March 2006), "Phone Word Awareness, Usage and Dial-ability Omnibus Telephone Survey Results". than numbers
  • Easy to associate with your brand
  • Easy to associate with your products or services
See The Evidence

4. Easy to Dial

Calling a Phoneword is easy. Simply find the number that corresponds to the letter you want to dial, and just press it once


Icon of a drill

(1300) BANANA



Icon of a drill

(1300) PENGUIN



Icon of a drill

(1300) ROCKET


5. Phoneword Types

  • Priority

    1300 Numbers

    • Comprising 6-10 characters
    • Low untimed charges from a fixed line anywhere in Australia
    • Great for small businesses or freelancers
  • Free Call

    1800 Numbers

    • Comprising 6-10 characters
    • FREE CHARGE from a fixed line anywhere in Australia
    • Great for customer service centers or consumer hotlines
  • Priority

    13 Numbers

    • Comprising 4-8 characters
    • Low untimed charges from a fixed line anywhere in Australia
    • Great for medium to large businesses with high call volumes

ACCC Corrective Notice

If you are a small business, employing 20 people or less, and have entered into or renewed a contract with 1300 Australia Pty Ltd (1300 Australia) for the supply of phonewords since November 2016, 1300 Australia advises you that, effective immediately, it will:

  1. not terminate your contract solely because you fail to notify 1300 Australia of the use of your phoneword by a third party;
  2. allow you to terminate the contract during a renewal term by providing not less than 3 months’ notice, with no termination fee;
  3. not charge a termination fee in excess of the equivalent of 3 months’ fees if, during a renewal term, the contract is terminated other than by provision of 3 months’ notice;
  4. allow you 30 days in which to remedy any breach of the contract (including a breach relating to non-payment) prior to 1300 Australia having a right to terminate the contract;
  5. charge no more than $25 as an administration fee in the event of late payment; and
  6. give you 30 days’ written notice in advance of a renewal date.

1300 Australia agreed with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to make these changes in the administration of its contracts with its small business customers after concerns were raised by the ACCC that 1300 Australia’s contracts contained unfair contract terms. Since 12 November 2016 the Australian Consumer Law has protected small businesses from unfair terms in standard form contracts. This agreement is set out in a court enforceable undertaking given to the ACCC by 1300 Australia.

1300 Australia will also conduct an independent review of complaints received from current or former small business customers about the payment of termination fees. If 1300 Australia finds that a customer paid a termination fee during a renewal term in excess of the equivalent of 3 months’ fees, it will refund the excess.

If you have any concerns regarding this corrective notice please contact us on Phone: 1300 AUSTRALIA (1300 287 872) Email: