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Social media tips for business

Get the most from your Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for small, medium and large business when used correctly. So we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of our top tips on how to be successful in social media for all business sizes.

Update your profile

This sounds simple however many businesses don’t even do this. You should always update your image or business logo. In your profile description it is critical that you list the industry you are in and the services you provide. People search through these lists when looking for products, and/or services and this is where your business needs to stand out. It is also important to list your Phoneword, if they remember one thing from the profile it will be the Phoneword!

Add your address and Phone Number

It is important that you are consistent with the formatting of your phone number and address when entering in to each of the social channels. See an example of how to display a Phoneword on our Facebook page. Google scans through all of this information and if it doesn’t match up this can send a signal to not trust the information shown. Google Local listings are a very important way for local businesses to be found so make sure all of your other social platforms have the correct information so you can get some value from your Google Local listing. Visit

Identify Influencers

It can seem like a lot of works involved to identify people to talk to. With over 100 million accounts it can be difficult to find the people you should engage with. The trick here is to type in the keywords you want to talk about i.e “Sloping block” for a sloping block builder and then when you find someone talking about it, add them to your list. Its easy to do and over time you will have a great list of people who talk about your topics. Every time they reply back to you, your brand is being viewed by all of their followers (hopefully all 100,000 of them!)

Own a Topic

It is important that you don’t just talk about any old topic. If you do so you wont stand for anything. You need to have a content strategy and ensure that the majority of your posts are talking about this topic. When you listen for keyword mentions about the topic and continually reply to these you will automatically talk about these topics more than “off topic” items.

10-4-1 Rule

This is a great rule created by Kipp Bodnar which states that for every 10 posts that you talk about other people’s content (about your relevant topic) you should have 4 posts which talk about your content on the topic and 1 post to a conversion page on your website. This gets the balance between conversation and broadcast right, and the balance between only talking about yourself and only talking about others right as well.

Convert Leads

If you are talking to people in Social Media about your product and/or service and they are very interested don’t be afraid to tweet and/or post your Phoneword. You will have a much higher chance of converting them to a customer on the phone so use your Phoneword to your advantage.

We hope these 6 social media tips will help you with your business endeavors.

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