You can improve your marketing results across multiple channels by using a memorable pattern or spelling out a word to describe your business, like 1300 GROWTH or 1800 PAY NOW.

Stand out from the crowd

A Phoneword is a 1300 number, 1800 number, or 13 number which spells a word. For example, when you dial the Phoneword 1300 FLIGHT, you are dialling 1300 354 448.

Not only do Phonewords help enhance your brand awareness, they also promote greater recall and make it easier for your customers to reach you. By boosting the responsiveness of your print, radio, TV, cinema, online and vehicle advertising, they drive more engagement, leads and sales.

Phonewords are also portable across Australia, so if you have a national business or plan to expand, you can use them nationally.

With 1300 Australia's Phonewords, you have the freedom to connect them to your existing telco network or take up our call plan for an all-in-one solution.

What is a Phoneword?

Phonewords are 5 times more memorable*

Enhance brand awareness

Enhance brand awareness

Promote greater recall

Promote greater recall

Boost advertising response

Boost advertising response

Choose the Phoneword that works for you

13 Phonewords

A short and catchy number for your business such as 13 BOUNCE is perfect for local marketing and sales campaigns.

Ideal for medium to large businesses with high call volumes

6-digit local call number

Easy for customers to remember

Fixed call charge

1300 Phonewords

If you have a national footprint or advertise interstate, a memorable Phoneword such as 1300 GROWTH.

An excellent option for any small business

Consistent 10-digit number

Low untimed charges

Encourages customers to call

1800 Phonewords

A Phoneword such as 1800 UNIQUE or 1800 WE HELP is perfect for customer service centres, or consumer hotlines.

Suitable for businesses with a high volume of inbound calls

A 10-digit national number

Toll-free calling

Maximise marketing response

Add a call plan

For all our 13, 1300 and 1800 Phonewords you have the option of adding a call plan or connecting to your existing telco network.

Find your Phoneword:



An important note about overdial:

With Phonewords you can add extra digits beyond the 4 digits (for a 13 number) or the 6 digits (for a 1300 or 1800 number) if your business name is longer than a standard phone number. These extra digits are called ‘overdial’. While these connect on most regular phone networks, we can’t guarantee overdial Phonewords will be accepted by all providers (like some VoIP systems). That’s why we recommend advertising your numerical number alongside your Phoneword.

* D&M Research