Inbound Numbers


1300 Australia are the home of Inbound Numbers in Australia.  We have a range of inbound number solutions including

  • 1300 Inbound Numbers
  • 1800 Inbound Numbers
  • 13 Inbound Numbers
  • PhoneWords.

Inbound Numbers are important for companies who want to track the performance of their marketing activities.  A common strategy is to use a different 1300 inbound number for each key channel in your marketing mix to determine how many calls you are getting from the activity in this area.  For instance, you might use a specific 1300 inbound number on your printed brochures, and another 1300 inbound number on your company vehicles.  At the end of the month you can measure the calls from both sources and determine which is a better spend of you marketing budget, print more brochures, or re-skin all company vehicles.