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1300 Australia specialises in phone words we can provide a 13 phone word for your business. They are a premium service and are subject to annual government charges.

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What Are 13 Numbers?

  • 13 numbers have six digits.
  • Customers can contact you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.
  • With a 13 number, your customers can contact you for the cost of a low untimed charge (approx $0.35).
  • Calls for mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

benefits of 13 numbers

13 numbers are a powerful marketing tool for business. The benefits of 13 numbers include:

  • 13 numbers have six digits and are easy to remember.
  • 13 numbers have an added benefit for the business owner as calls that originate and terminate within the same local area will have a free talk time period of 15 minutes.
  • 13 numbers are charged at a low untimed call rate.
  • Can increase inbound sales calls.
  • Gives your business a professional image.
  • Enables your business to increase hours of operation and lead capture.
  • Ensure potential business is never lost.

which is best a 1300, 1800, or 13 number?

  • The following key factors need to be considered when choosing which type of number is right for your business.
  • How many calls do you currently take per month?
  • Are your calls generally from local lines or mobiles?
  • Are they answered on a mobile or local line?
  • How long are the calls? If they are generally under 15 minutes a 1300 number is perfect as there is no cost to your business for this call.
  • Is it important for your business to have free call numbers?
  • Do you need the competitive advantage of free calls for customers?
  • Is the phone word that you are after available in each of the 3 formats? You are better off getting a high quality 1300 number that matches your brand than a 1800 number that doesn’t quite fit.

As always, if you are unsure, or want professional advice, please call our Sales Team on 1300 GROWTH and they will help you select the number that best suits your needs.