1800 Numbers


1300 Australia specialises in phone words, with a 1800 prefix.  A call to a 1800 number from within Australia is free to the caller from a Telstra fixed line service and a Telstra mobile service. The service owner pays the call related costs. 1800 phone numbers are a great way to encourage customers to call you and a phone word makes your business number even easier to remember.

What are 1800 Numbers

  • 1800 numbers are ten digit numbers.
  • They are known as free call or toll free call services because when dialled from a landline in Australia the call is free for the customer.
  • 1800 numbers are an effective  and affordable way for your customers and suppliers to connect to your business.

Benefits Of1800 Numbers

  • They have greater functionality than a landline.
  • They have no cabling requirements.
  • A 1800 number can be directed to your fixed line or mobile phone number.
  • 1800 Inbound numbers provide you with flexible and tailored solutions for handling incoming phone traffic.
  • 1800 numbers can be combined with many extras features and can be tailored to suit your business needs.

benefits foryour business

There are many benefits of having a 1800 number for your business.  Some of the most common benefits our customers mention include, 

  • Toll free encourages enquiries for your products and service.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Give your business a professional image.
  • Studies have shown that Toll Free numbers out perform all other numbers.
  • The customer does not have to pay anything to make the call.

costs of1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are a free call for customers however the call costs are charged by a telephone carrier to the business for the cost of the call. Free call 1800 numbers are available to most Australian businesses. Services are usually connected within three working days, depending on the features selected. Service costs include the initial connection fee, monthly rental and call costs.

The amount that a 1800 number costs depends on the quality of the 1800 number.  A 1800 number with random numbers i.e 1800 647251 is almost worthless as the response rate for this type of number in advertising is quite low.  However, if you get a 1800 number which spells a high quality word such as 1800 LAPTOP then this 1800 number costs significantly more, as more companies want to acquire this 1800 number.

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