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Phonewords + Social Media = Success

How social media can change your business

If your business has a Phoneword and a Twitter account, you should start to see your clients picking up the phone. In the world of advertising both of these two marketing strategy elements work together perfectly. Let us explain...

Phonewords and social media can work together, on social networks like Twitter & Instagram the key item which gets repeated over and over is your handle. Most of the time your handle is your company name (unless you are like us and your company name is too long in which case you have to use @1300Australia) but if you are a business where a large percentage of your customer interactions happen over the phone, wouldn’t it be much smarter to have your handle as your phone number? Or even better, your Phoneword? Well the answer is a definite YES.

Look at this fantastic example of the timeline from the company 1300 FLOWERS. You can see the brand name and the Phoneword repeated over and over via social media. This is marketing alchemy at its best. Not only are 1300 FLOWERS engaging with their customer base with topical information and Valentines day specials, they are also continually reinforcing their brand over and over, along with imprinting their number into the minds of their customers.

So, if your company uses the telephone as a key communication channel, whether it be for sales, service or support, and your company also has a Twitter or Instagram account, then you should seriously consider using your Phoneword as your social media handle.

If you have any other examples of how you are using your brand or your Phoneword in social media please share them with us!

Best of luck with your advertising efforts!

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