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Phonewords help build your brand

The power of strong Phonewords

A strong Phoneword can help build your brand in more ways than you can imagine. Think about it for a second… Your business is displayed on many customer touch points. Electricians have vans, accountants have envelopes, tranport companies have trucks, FMCG companies have packaging, everyone has a website and the list goes on. One of the keys with branding is consistency, and having a strong Phoneword across all of these types of executions has a huge cumulative effect on your brand.

If instead of seeing 0408 617 932 you saw 1300 BUILDER on a building company van, uniforms, drop sheets, tool bags, invoices, envelopes, website, air compressors, and safety boards you would have a much stronger impression of the brand.

There are many other ways in which Phonewords are helping build brands, let us know how you are using your Phonewords in a creative way to help brand building.

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