How to improve your advertising


First thing you need to know is that a phone word can be simply be added to your existing number so the transition of implementing your phone word into advertising can work seamlessly.  We suggest you start by replacing your old contact number with your new phone word.  You may have a specific marketing campaign where you wish to measure results and is very effective for business to accurately value the return on investment.

Planning, is key when organising advertising campaigns. Try to visualise the advertising from a customers perspective.  Placement of your phone word will also be effective if you have researched your target audience well and use it to your advantage.  Be consistent as this becomes more effective over longer periods of time. Think strategically and make your phone word stand out by placing it in the right space. Make your phone word grow with your business!


If the phone number is to be included with the phone word, the number should be written in full and placed directly below or to the right of the word.  Over dial digits should not be included.  Phone words should appear in all caps, no dashes, with a space between the 1300 and the word.


Marketing plays an important role in every business:

How and where to use your phone word should be considered and documented within the business’s Marketing Plan. Incorporating “How and Where” to use your phone word at the planning stage ensures consistent and effective use of the phone word which will enable it to deliver the best results possible to your business.
To support your marketing plan a simple communication strategy plan should be developed, this will involve:

  • Defining the goals and objectives for the communication plan.
  • Identifying and defining your target audience.
  • Defining your marketing message.
  • Identifying the media channels for distribution of your marketing message.

You will want to create an “identity” for your business; this is about your brand. To help ensure consistency of the brand a guideline should be produced that determines how the “Brand” is to be presented. This guideline should also address where the phone word is to be displayed and its look and placement with other corporate imagery.

The first step to effectively incorporating your new phone word into the business is to replace all old existing numbers with the phone word. Then roll out the phone word across all appropriate advertising campaigns.

For further information see the Australian Business How to Guides for Marketing Planning.