Why use phone words online?


Online advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium in Australia. There are now 17 million Australians using the internet. Recent research findings by Infoserv® show it is essential for businesses who invest in a web presence and/or online advertising, to provide consumers with choice as to how they contact a business. The research measured a large group of online users and their recall of phone words vs. web addresses. The data outcome proved that businesses can expect up to 45% higher consumer recall rate for phone words over website addresses when both are featured.

Comparing and measuring the most effective point of contact, phone words came up Number 1 again….

There is a broad perception that the younger population tends to be more internet focused.  However, research shows each age group between 18 to 65 years had a higher recall rate for phone words featured in advertisements than they did for the advertisers’ web address.  To ensure the most effective use of advertising budgets and lead generation tactics, advertisers should use both their phone word and their web address in online advertising.

Final results from the research, conducted by Infoserv® show that as many as 40% of internet users research the competition before making a decision to purchase.  With this in mind, advertisers can gain a competitive advantage by including a memorable phone word within their website and all online advertising.  This will ensure that businesses online are providing a direct link of communication between themselves and potential customers, while also maximising the number of leads.

Source: Infoserv®, Inc.  Compiled by third party. Vanity numbers vs. Website Addresses